Our Wedding Video

Just when I thought our wedding planning was done, and it was time to just wait it out–Jeremiah says to me “I want a videographer”……My face when he said that might have looked something like this -_-. I was so over researching and budgeting our wedding. But, I dug down deep and found some good videos that inspired that last bit of homework. I reached out to a few people who might have suggestions. I asked a few friends, and talked to a few people. The prices seemed steep, I wasn’t sure if we could do it!

One day, Jenni, a friend from High School happened to post a video she made of a friends birth story. It was live and still shots. It was so beautiful, it made me cry, and I loved it so much. I had commented on it, and the next day she reached out to me asking if I had a videographer. We didn’t, yet! She offered her services. It was honestly a blessing and an answered prayer! I had found a videographer that seemed to fit our budget a little, but again, it seemed a little limited. I felt discouraged, but when Jenni reached out I knew it had to happen!!  We arranged it like a business deal still. There was no guessing, she even had a contract made up for services and the money that would be spent. It was still professional to protect both parties, but I felt confident there would be no problems! I let  Jenni know that our group of friends can be overwhelming if you don’t know them very well. We are a lot of fun!!! I believe my actual words were “They cuss like sailors and drink like fish, but are great and a lot of fun!” But she was not deterred! She was ready. We Face Timed a week before the wedding to discuss the style I wanted/expected. We talked about times and the length of the video I hoped for.  Jenni is such a beautiful soul. Honestly, I look up to her. She is gracious in everything she does. She inspires me to be a better person, we were so lucky she wanted to do this for us. A3EAF29B-4052-4D7A-9B7F-F07A2F3EB43C

The day of the wedding she came to the hotel I was at and was on time! She immediately started working. Getting details, asking questions, being very present and catching moments that as a bride you just can’t remember once the day has passed. And, turns out my wedding party was on their best behavior! HA.  She and my photographers worked seamlessly together, they helped each other out and together the three of them made a team I could have only dreamed of-oh wait..I did dream of them, and they came true!! See how great it is when you visualize something and it all comes together?! It can happen! And it will if you trust yourself!!  I strongly encourage you to get a videographer. It will bring back memories you didn’t even know you missed! It will capture those moments some of your guests might not remember after a few drinks. HA! When the years have passed and you don’t have such a sharp memory of the day, it’ll be there!  My nephew is in it, and he’s so sweet and cute and funny of course!!! One day when my parents are gone, I’ll still have this video to remind me of this day with them. I can see how much our friends love us. Everything about our video is beautiful. I love it so much.

I strongly encourage you to also choose music for the videos that are very close to your personal style! We had a hard time with this, because I like a splattering of music while Jeremiah is very particular. That made it a little harder–but we compromised and I got to choose one and he did too, and the last one was a surprise! Our video is almost 12 minutes long. I swear I could watch it a bazillion times and still tear up! If a videographer doesn’t fit in your budget, ask your photographer if they can do any videos during the ceremony or reception. Or, if you have tech savy friends I would ask one of them to man a camera. Ask them for this to be your wedding gift. I am so glad my husband spoke up and asked to have this done. What a fun memory we can always cherish!!

Enjoy every moment!



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