Our Photographer

When you’re planning your own wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in trends and what is being shoved in your face on social media, and in magazines. If you don’t know what you want-you’re going to have a hard time narrowing things down. When we got engaged, my first vendor to call was a photographer, but I had no idea where to start. Sure I had seen a few friends on Facebook who had family photos done, and a few smaller businesses that were popular, but none fit our style. When I would show my fiance he would scoff and say “That looks like something from Pinterest, it doesn’t look original, and I hate it”…it even got to the point where I was so over doing my homework about and I broke down and said, please just help me find something!!  We both agreed we didn’t want cheesy shots that didn’t make any sense, I didn’t want to use my husband as a prop or do anything embarrassing.  What I wanted was a photographer who would see our personalities and showcase them. I wanted to work with someone who knew their skill well. I talked to quite a few photographers, I wanted the bottom line immediately-why continue the talk if I can’t afford you!! I didn’t want someone who would take months editing our photos to a point that I would barely recognize myself in photos. I wanted someone relaxed, and helpful! These are all things you should have an idea of when finding a photographer. Our photos were our greatest expense, besides our venue–you should LOVE your photos, and that starts with LOVING your photographer!!0815 Kerry and Jeremiah-3797

When I found Don Campbell, I had already talked to about 5 wedding photographers, maybe more, I can’t remember now! By the time I talked to Don, I knew I wanted a male photographer. I don’t know why for sure, I just knew I would feel more comfortable and I think I knew Jeremiah would too.  I saw his work, and then I knew for sure I wanted him to capture our special day. I can’t say enough good things about Don, and I really feel like we found the best photographer for us. I told him from the get go that I wanted our photos to stay timeless and while I wanted some playful shots, and believe me we got them, I didn’t want it to be something I would look back on later and wish we hadn’t done that! We started our “relationship” with Don with our engagement photos. He was very helpful with ideas when I couldn’t come up with some, he was very eager to make our pictures personal. He took the time with us that some photographers won’t or can’t, or charge you extra for. We took our photos in 4 different locations, 3 different outfit changes. That is a lot of time- and we were so grateful. It’s not easy to pose and kiss and act natural with a stranger, but he made us feel relaxed. He helped with our dog who was in some of our shots!date

0815 Kerry and Jeremiah-457.jpg

0815 Kerry and Jeremiah-2956 (1).jpgDuring our engagement, every time I had questions, or concerns, Don was helpful, always responding quickly. On our wedding day, it honestly felt like I had a friend there taking our photos. He was good at keeping us on a semi decent timeline–hard to do with makeup and hair and driving and all of those things. He got us lunch when we realized we had no time to do anything else! He respected my wishes with no corny poses, and he stayed to capture one of the best-if not the best day and night of our lives! So many memories were made that night, but if not for Don and his partner we wouldn’t have remembered many of them! He worked with my crowd and for that I am forever grateful!! He was able to capture our personalities and those of our closest friends and our family. Not only did I find a photographer I would work with again and recommend to our friends, I also feel like we found a friend!

Don’t forget this is your WEDDING DAY! Don’t forget this is also a business decision and you should treat it as so! Interview, question, question some more, and if you’re still unsure-keep going!! Don’t worry about hurting feelings, because when it comes down to it, you’ll be the one upset in the end if you’re unhappy with your choices in vendors. These people will appreciate your honesty, your questions, and your concerns, because on the day of the wedding-if they are a good business person, they will be their concerns also. You are paying them-don’t forget that. If you don’t think your first choice is the best choice, then move on, there will be a perfect fit for you! I promise! I would encourage you to not wing it and just have someone take pictures the day of the wedding. Anything could happen leading up to that day, on that day or after. If photos of your wedding day are important-take all these things into consideration. You should LOVE your photos and that starts with LOVING your photographer!! Good luck!


Enjoy every moment!

0815 Kerry and Jeremiah-1476

0815 Kerry and Jeremiah-2044
Repping the chop! Go Braves!
0815 Kerry and Jeremiah-2670
My husbands pure excitement for the day!!
0815 Kerry and Jeremiah-2988
This shows a true Kerry moment-and my bridesmaids face is priceless! 

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