Our Engagement


We got engaged on October 25, 2014. The day wasn’t anything too special. In fact, we had nothing solid planned, the night before we ate at home, and probably watched Dateline; a regular program in our house. I was watching Bride Wars, and laughing about how crazy Kate Hudson’s character is in it. I was very proud of myself for not talking about getting engaged for the month of October. The day we got engaged, it was sprinkling and so we decided to go to Apple Hill in El Dorado county. We ate apple donuts, checked out some of the over priced craft booths, and watched kids run a-muck around the park. Since it was kind of a crummy day, we decided to go find a winery, I was pretty excited about this part!! Who doesn’t love wine tasting?! So, we drove around looking for a winery, and all we could find were tasting rooms. Jeremiah was very determined to find a winery with vineyards, for the full effect. I remember being slightly irritated at this, we were running out of time for wine! Finally we found one that had the full view of the area, and decently priced wine! Lava Cap Vineyard. We went in, got a flight, and chatted. Jeremiah was seemingly normal, and at one point he said “do you want to take pictures in the vineyard?!” DUH! I love pictures!!!! SO, we grabbed our dog, and took some selfies, and some of me and Ruby of course! At this point I was still not suspicious at all. But then, when Jeremiah put Ruby back in the car, and grabbed his other jacket and asked me if I wanted to wear it, (It wasn’t even cold at this point) ha. I said no thanks. But he forced the matter! Then, he asked if I could grab his wallet out of his jacket, I said “WHY?! We’re in a vineyard!” I was trying to figure it out and apparently I foiled his plan, when he just grabbed his jacket pocket and before I knew it, he was down on one knee! I don’t remember what he said, or if he said anything at all!! It was all very quick, and it was planned perfectly by him!! Of course I said “YES” and jumped up and down, and screeched and probably looked insane from a distance. I cried a little, and the rest is history.  It was his moment to shine, and shine he did! I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life. It was everything I wanted! I always wanted to get engaged in a vineyard-and having him on one knee was beautiful. He gave me the perfect engagement story!

thedayI am telling you my engagement story to tell you that every engagement is special. In this day and age it is easy to get so wrapped up in others stories and lives. Suddenly we started seeing engagement flash mobs, or airplane fly overs. YouTube exploded with engagement videos of surprise family involved engagements, and scavenger hunts. I can’t imagine being a man and seeing all of these things, and maybe not having the resources, the time to arrange it, or plan it! I know the idea of a huge engagement story is fun, but don’t forget the moment. Don’t forget that this is his engagement story too. I remember day dreaming of how he’d propose to me-like the time we were at a Blake Shelton concert, and a slow song came on, I can’t tell you how many times I checked his pockets for something!! Or, the time he took me to dinner..and he went to stand up and I blurted out “are you proposing to  me?!” It’s embarrassing now to think about, really. I hope I’m not alone doing those things!!!

I’m here to tell you my mistake of constantly probing when it would happen, and forgetting that this would also be a moment he would want to remember forever.  I’m here to tell you, if you’ve had the conversation, and planted the seed; it will happen. Don’t take away from the day, just because you are so set on getting engaged. Sometimes I think about how I was leading up to that day-and I feel bad. Instead of trusting him, and knowing it would happen, I wonder if I squandered away that moment a little. I hope not. I’m here to tell you, that as hard as it is to wait-just wait!!   I’m so glad that our engagement caught me off guard. Instead of on a day I was expecting it, he proposed in his time, the way he wanted.

Remember-Enjoy every moment…even the ordinary ones!engagement


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