Wedding Website


Remember when I said wedding planning is hard? I wasn’t lying, but it’s also a lot of fun! If you find yourself chanting to yourself “I will not elope, I will not elope” alone in a corner, just remember that yes, your wedding should be something you won’t soon forget, but in the end it’s really about marrying the person of your dreams. Your best friend, your partner for life! Don’t let the stressful moments get you down. When I was so over creating our Save the Dates, (I spent three hours on them, just to have my fiance shut it down), I went to this site and created our wedding website, and let my creative juices flow. I sat there and re-lived our proposal, and wrote out my truest feelings to our soon to be wedding guests. I knew some people would never read it, but I knew that it would be read by some people and I wanted everyone to know our love story, and our love for them.

It was a fun way of visualizing our wedding day, studying about the city that we met in, and where we would be saying “I do.” It was a way for me to forget the budget and to forget the stress, and to just know that everything would be okay. Having a wedding website is a fun way for your friends and guests see what you’ve been planning, and it’s a fun way let your guests get to know your wedding party before the wedding! I chose the knot website because it was easy for me, but there are a lot of sites out there that offer sites, with different features that might appeal to you more. I would urge you to create a website; especially if you have guests coming from out of town, or if you like to write, or if you just want people to know a little more about you and your fiance  a little more intimately!

Enjoy every moment!


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