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I think it goes without saying, but, buying your wedding dress is very personal, and also a very big deal.  Let’s face it, it is what people will talk about when they first see you, and it is what you will see in photos for the rest of your life. Think about it, when you have been to a wedding, what is one of the first things that stands out in your mind? The bride, in her dress–I don’t have to tell you that it sort of is a big deal, and how you feel in it should be just as important! The week after I got engaged I went to David’s Bridal alone. I told the lady I was there to see what “Ivory” meant-in my mom’s day Ivory was practically yellow. I was pretty set on Ivory and I was also set on buying a dress online. I had a friend buy a dress online and my sister in law also bought her dress online. Both dresses were beautiful. So, when I went to David’s I mostly was just there for a color reference, so that when I ordered I would be aware of what ivory meant. I tried on 3 wedding dresses that day! I laugh about it now, the fact that I tried on dresses before I even had a wedding party, or a wedding date for that matter!

Like I said, buying a wedding dress is very personal, how do you want to feel on your wedding day? Like a princess? Sexy? Sweet? Maybe a mix of all three? Do you want to show off your body? Or stay modest? These are all things you should be keeping in mind when you try on wedding dresses, when you pin dresses, or when you see others wearing a dress you might like, just because it looks good (or bad) on one person doesn’t mean it will look the same on you.  After we chose a date, and pretty much had a venue set (I will get to that part of planning also) I tried on 4 more dresses, again, alone. I WANTED to try on dresses alone for a couple of reasons–I didn’t want my friends to influence how I felt in a dress, sure they might have said things like “You look so pretty”, “That looks really amazing”, “That is the perfect fit”, “The color is perfect on your skin tone”, they also might have said things like “I liked the last one better”, “The straps aren’t my fave”, “It’s not very flattering”, “The color isn’t right”, things that I already could tell myself!! I’m a grown woman! I know what looks good on me–right?! Maybe I took that away from my girls in my wedding party, to be able to be a part of that moment, but I wanted to FEEL amazing in my dress, I wanted the girls at the stores to be honest! And I didn’t want my feelings hurt like I probably would have felt if my friends were honest with me. The sales girls didn’t know me and when I walked in to each store I was very honest with the fact that I had a budget, and I was honest in that I told them I was just as happy buying online if they couldn’t help me.  I had a self set budget at $1,000. You should have a budget in mind so that you don’t try on dresses that are out of your price range and you fall in love with it, but can’t afford. I also had in mind what I wanted–it’s funny to think about now, because I wanted lace, I didn’t want strapless, and I wanted fit to flare. Completely different from the dress I wore. I bought my dress alone, and the lady who ultimately sold it to me, could have sold me a more expensive dress, in fact I wanted the more expensive dress, but when I tried on MY wedding dress I instantly knew this is the dress I would get married in.  And it wasn’t what I wanted after all! Tulle (lots and lots of tulle), mermaid/trumpet, and strapless. When I put that dress on I felt like a movie star, and no one had to tell me either, that’s exactly how it should feel when you find your dress. My dress was dress #8 that I tried on, and when I wore it on my wedding day, I felt just as, if not more beautiful in it as the day I found it. It fit every curve, and in it I felt like my husbands dream come true.  Maybe that sounds corny, but that is the truth, because I’ll never forget the look on my husbands face when he first saw me in it.0815 Kerry and Jeremiah-3067

Whether you decide to buy your wedding dress online, at a store, alone, or with your people, make sure you keep in mind how you will feel on your wedding day.

Enjoy every moment.


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