Enjoy Every Moment

This first post will answer the question why I decided to start this blog, with my wedding being the backbone behind it. When I was engaged, and planning my wedding, I had so many thoughts and ideas swirling in my head that I often sought out validation from sites like Instagram, Pinterest and of course blogs. And,  I found lots of soon to be brides doing the same thing. So, with that in mind, I am starting a blog. I want to write, and in the process showcase my wedding, the planning, the behind the scenes, the thought process, and in the end the most beautiful day of our lives. Because I remember what it was like to plan and rethink everything, for instance, there was that month that I questioned my wedding dress, almost every day; so much so in fact that I bought a second dress for back up “just in case.” I could list the reasons for just in case, but the list is long!

I remember rethinking my choice in venue numerous times, my music selections, and my cake choice. I often laid awake at night worrying, and hoping it would all come together in the end. I found myself reminding myself that this was about the things that represented my soon-to-be husband and myself, so to not worry, but of course when you are paying for one of the greatest parties ever and are responsible for entertaining, you want it to be amazing, and flawless and perfect-even when you know that might not be realistic.  I read a lot of blogs, and articles about how brides threw a fantastic wedding, and later would hear guests tell her what they would have done differently-ew. What kind of friend, family member, or wedding guest would even tell a bride that, anyway?  If I can reach ONE bride that I can inspire, or make you realize that your choice is just that; YOURS- and that nothing else matters, then I have accomplished what I came here to do.

Enjoy every moment.



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